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"Seven" is our debut album. Created through past year, tells a short story about young boy Mercury and his friend Judith, written by himself as a diary. Very dynamic, diverse and atmoshperic, full of bright as well as dull sounds. Seven episodes of that short story can be found in the lyrics.


released January 31, 2015


all rights reserved



Underfate Kwidzyn, Poland

Post progressive band from Kwidzyn, Poland.The music, we create, is directly connected with bands name. It is deeply related with some fine and subtle component of fate, that we called Underfate. We think, that it is possible to influence on It and finally on fate as well. ... more

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Track Name: Mercury
A piercing squeak woke me up. Showered in a cold sweat, exhausted, I opened my eyes lazily. I was wondering I was. I heard some steps and after a meanwhile someone entered my room. That was my mother, who having noticed that I had woken up started to hug me crying with joy. [...] Fourteen years?! – I wanted to scream but it finally finished with a hopeless whisper. It’s impossible... Shocked, wanted to get up. Mom tried to stop me but neither she nor my legs tackle the gravity and I hit the floor with a vengeance.

Am I at the attic? Is it a dream? I’ve made some steps towards strong light whose source was the window at the end of the attic. Near the window there was a small boy with glasses – he looked like me. Nearby him there was somebody else. [...] I ran downstairs but the boy wasn’t there anymore. Confused, I looked around, I noticed a shape who had been with a boy near the window. I rushed forward. I got you – I cried. With a sweeping motion, almost in the air I turned back the fugitive. I was so shocked that my legs bent and I fell down - that was me.

A severe headache stopped my rest. I was lying in bed again. There was nobody in the room. I got up carefully and it felt as if I was controlled, I went out in front of the house. Confused I looked around when suddenly my eyesight was attracted by curved glasses which were in the bushes near the path.
Track Name: Hand Print
After doctor’s visit I went into my room. I turned on the radio and sat comfortably in the armchair. It was getting dark. The horizon was burning red slowly turning into dark blue through which a glitter of stars was hardly maneuvering. [...] Yesterday night dream didn’t leave - goose-fleshes came over my back. I took down the found glasses of the shelf. They seemed so tiny but I put them on... [...] Everything was so real and new. It felt as if I was living my childhood again. Great little trips to the forest, seek and hide in old houses and ruins, watching the stars... One moment I felt a chill of loneliness. Why am I alone? Where are the others? [...] I went on... My attention was caught by a hand print made by hands dipped in paint. I came closer. One of them was mine...
Track Name: Entanglement
A strong shine of rising Sun touched my eyes. I picked up my glasses from the floor, folded them and put into my pocket. [...] I didn’t know exactly where to go, a lot of time has passed, a lot has changed. Nevertheless I strongly predicted that I would find what I was looking for. [...] I opened the door carefully. I went inside. An old floor was creaking eagerly as though it was warning of the intruder. Strong memories and homesickness were leading the struggle against filled with fear and anxiety ruins. I went up the stairs. I was staring in the floor, walls, ceiling. Pointlessly. There’s nothing! I felt sick, I got dizzy, fell down. Backed on the wall I reached into my pocket. [...] It seemed impossible, there was a hand print on the wall, it was mine. It overwhelms me… A moment later a girl came up to the wall, I felt her warm and I realized that I knew her... She looked around and she left her handprint next to mine. Who are you - I whispered. [...] I didn’t have power to chase her.
Track Name: Memento Box
I laid myself in the armchair. I directed my hand towards the radio but at last moment I took it back - I had to calm down and concentrate. [...] With a sudden slam I jumped down from my seat and I grabbed under the bed. I took out a slightly damaged box. My memories recalled. Each of the photos, every scrawl or even manually sewed teddy bear started to remind a world full of colours and contrasts. In one moment carelessness and joy disappeared and I was holding the last picture in my hand. It was the girl holding a candle. It was her. [...] I showed the pictures to my mom. Do you know her? She became silent and went back with her eyes. Yes, you too, her name was Judith. [...] I’m very sorry. I wanted to tell you when you get better a bit! Funeral is tomorrow...
Track Name: One Step Over
I didn’t understand when mom told me that you had fallen out of the window and that you must sleep for long to recover. [...] At the beginning I was optimistic and hopeful, every day when I was with you I looked forward to your waking up. Within the time I realized what actually happened. Anger and carelessness turned up. I was crying... I lost my friend. [...] I grew up and it set questions. Why ?How? Why the hell did you enter there? I couldn’t stop thinking of you, us… I started having nightmares. I had a dream that we had been walking along the attic… that it was me. But there was someone else. I used to come up to you but you didn’t pay attention to me! Everything started to get confused. I didn’t know what’s the dream and what’s real. For the last time I went there where we used to meet together.


My heart was pounding hardly getting through the silence. A coffin sank slowly somewhere in the darkness. I felt a relief somehow... [...] I left.
Track Name: OOBE
The sun was hanging a few centimeters above the horizon and in the air one could smell a forthcoming evening moisture. 'For the last time I went there where we used to meet together' - it was clinking in my ears. I opened slightly the door leading to the wooden house. I went up the stairs. The last sun rays were getting through a big, damaged balcony lightening entire second floor of the building. On the wall I noticed dark red blurred handprint. There was nobody. I put on the glasses... [...] We sat down next to each other on the balcony. Through the barrier we were watching the orange pouring the sky, talking. [...] I didn’t hear what we had been talking about, I wasn’t interested in it, from that point of view we seemed to be happy. [...] At some point I felt someone’s presence. I noticed a motion from the angle of my eye. A curved face jumped up straight in front of me. I jumped back and started running away. Unclear curves and piercing black eyes were blending my way of escape. I couldn’t see where I was running to. The time had stretched. Suffocated by a frightening phenomena I was falling down. Swaying I snapped the glasses of my face. [...] I felt slight as if I was floating a few millimeters above the ground. Introduced in the happiness I analyzed everything slowly and precisely. [...] I know.
Track Name: Way Out
I went out of my house heading for the sea. I had the box with the glasses in my bag. I felt there it was, as if it was fighting against separating with me. [...] I reached the wall of the forest - some 200 meters left. I felt as if someone had been following me. I turned around… I saw a cliff? No! It’s a wrong way. I moved on. You will not escape - something whispered into my ear. Scared I turned around. There wasn’t anyone. I must go further. Yet a few steps. Unnaturally It got dark and dull. I got dizzy, something shook me. I hit the ground. Silence... You’ll not escape! You’ll not escape! You’ll not escape! - it rumbled from all over around. At some point I saw a gentle light. It was coming from the candle carried by Judith. [...] Having sat on the cliff I was watching the box disappearing somewhere in the depths.

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